Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for my mobile detail with a credit card?
Yes! We can take your payment by cash or credit card after the service is complete.

Can I use a credit card to pay at your self-service car wash?
Absolutely! We have machines where you buy tokens to operate the self-service machines, and you can use cash to purchase those tokens. We also accept quarters at all pay stations and each station has a credit card reader.

Can I pay for someone else’s detail service in advance?
Yes, a car wash or detail makes a great gift! We can take your credit card information over the phone in advance, but your card will not be run until the service is complete.

Do you sell gift cards?
We do! Currently they are available for purchase at our shop or over the phone, but we are hoping to offer them for purchase online soon.

How does a mobile detail work? Do you need to hook up to our hose?
We bring everything we need to you! Our truck comes to you fully equipped with all of the equipment, water, soaps, and our trained team ready to take care of your vehicle. We do not need access to your water or anything else from you.

Where can you wash my car? Just at my house?
We can go to any location you’d like! As long as there is a safe place for your car, our truck and some space for us to work. At your home in your driveway, or in the parking lot of your work, we can be flexible and do what works best for you.

Can you detail multiple cars at once?
Absolutely! We do this all of the time. In fact, one of the nicest things a company can do is treat the whole office to having their cars washed while they are hard at work. Please call to discuss a special rate for a group of cars to be washed at once (minimum 3 cars for special pricing).

I saw a car on the Hot City Auto website that I’m interested in. Is it still available? How can I get more information about it?
We do our best to keep our website up to date on a daily basis, so if you see it online chances are extremely high that it is still available. To discuss a car you are interested in please visit us or call (936) 320-7337 to speak with a member of our team who can discuss the specifics of the car with you.

How much is ceramic coating and why can’t I book it online?
Ceramic coating is an involved and detailed process, we work hard to make sure you car is coated perfectly. The price depends on the specific car and any details or specifications you might make. We would be happy to discuss your car with you and get you a custom quote very quickly! Please come in or give us a call!